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  • How does a new customer complete the registration?
    A new customer can click on the login in / sign up button on the top right corner of the website, then fill out all required fields including username, password, billing information, and shipping information fields, and click on the registration button. The customer will receive a confirmation email and may need to click on the confirmation link before browsing products and placing an order.
  • I don't see a shipping option when placing an order. Is there a fee for shipping?
    Yes, The shipping cost will be added to the order once it is placed. We will contact you with a new invoice with the shipping cost.
  • Is online payment supported?
    No, currently we support offline payment only. Once an order is placed, we will contact you about the payment.
  • Why I cannot see any products on the website?
    It is likely because you have not registered as a site member. Please complete your registration to see our products. The site admin will approve your registration as soon as possible.
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